TheraBand Individual Professional Resistance Bands - Dispenser Box
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Individually Wrapped Resistance Bands

This dispenser box is designed to hold 30 individually packaged 5 foot TheraBand Professional Resistance Bands. The latex resistance bands help users rehabilitate injuries, improve athletic performance, and enhance functional living. Color-coded bands provide an at-a-glance documentation of progress from one level of resistance to the next and allows the user to progress as body strength increases. The high-quality fitness bands are portable and easy to use at home, in the clinic, or on the go.

Limits Cross-Contamination

Most importantly, providing pre-wrapped bands to individuals helps limit cross-contamination between sick patients who otherwise would be sharing equipment. The dispenser box addresses the growing concern about infections in clinics, gyms, physical therapy facilities, and athletic team settings. The box meets FDA labeling requirements for latex warnings and provides proper safety instructions to every patient.

Great for Everyday Uses!

The progressive resistance bands are ideal for all ages and fitness levels, allowing users to complete a wide variety of dynamic exercises. The gravity feed dispenser offers the option of selling the latex bands to users who want to continue working with resistance at home after their therapy programs end. TheraBand Individual Professional Resistance Bands are ideal for strength training, rehabilitation, stretching, and toning.

  • Individually wrapped packages provide a safe and convenient way to work with resistance bands without the fear of patient cross contamination
  • The gravity feed dispenser contains 30 single-color bands for easy distribution, available in colors of yellow (light), red (medium), green (heavy), blue (extra heavy), and black (special heavy)
  • Made from high quality, natural rubber latex that contains allergens for those with sensitive skin or latex allergies
  • TheraBand can be used for strength training, stretching, rehabilitation, and increasing range of motion for both upper and lower extremities
  • Dispenser box measures 6" wide x 10-1/2" high x 4-3/8" deep (15 x 27 x 11cm) and each individually wrapped resistance band measures 5’ long x 5” wide (1.5m x 13cm)
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